Monday, April 25, 2016

School Room Usage and Capacities

A new document comparing  room usage and capacity in each school has been added to the Documents folder on the Special Committee on Redistricting web site at

Floor plans are included for each school along with a list of rooms by number, designated purpose, current number of students in the room, and the room's capacity. School are listed in alphabetical order by elementary schools, middle schools, and then high schools.

View the document:

Friday, April 22, 2016

Principals Redistricting Survey Results Are In

Manchester School District principals were recently surveyed. The survey collected information about:

  • gym and cafeteria as a dual-purpose or stand-alone space
  • number of lunch shifts
  • portables and their use
  • possible benefits of redistricting
  • special programs housed at that location
  • whether or not art, music, and health were taught in their own or shared space
View the survey result at:

Saturday, April 2, 2016


Welcome to the BOSC Special Committee on Redistricting blog! We are excited to begin the conversation with all of Manchester and expect to meet our educational goals by having an equitable open exchange of ideas and information around this very difficult topic.

We are all on the side of doing the very best we can for kids and their families. The Special Committee is going to tackle the issue in three phases and will welcome community input during all three:

I.  Collect all of the relevant information from schools, the administration and the public. This fact finding phase is critical to making sure that we do not overlook important information needed to make an informed decision.

II. The committee, with the help of administrators, transportation representatives, and city planners will create a plan or plans for redistricting.

III. The Special Committee and MANSD administration will present the redistricting plan or plans to the public in a series of open forums where the community can not only be presented with the plan(s) but can ask questions and receive answers in an open exchange.

We look forward to working with you all and hope that everyone working together can come up with the best solution and do what is the educationally best for our children.