Saturday, April 2, 2016


Welcome to the BOSC Special Committee on Redistricting blog! We are excited to begin the conversation with all of Manchester and expect to meet our educational goals by having an equitable open exchange of ideas and information around this very difficult topic.

We are all on the side of doing the very best we can for kids and their families. The Special Committee is going to tackle the issue in three phases and will welcome community input during all three:

I.  Collect all of the relevant information from schools, the administration and the public. This fact finding phase is critical to making sure that we do not overlook important information needed to make an informed decision.

II. The committee, with the help of administrators, transportation representatives, and city planners will create a plan or plans for redistricting.

III. The Special Committee and MANSD administration will present the redistricting plan or plans to the public in a series of open forums where the community can not only be presented with the plan(s) but can ask questions and receive answers in an open exchange.

We look forward to working with you all and hope that everyone working together can come up with the best solution and do what is the educationally best for our children.


  1. As I watched your first committee meeting and listened to all the comments about building capacity, overcrowding, under-utilization, moving students in and out of their neighborhood schools, etc. I just felt I needed to caution the committee to remember that students begin building life-long friendships as soon as they enter school. These friendships are EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to them and their well being. These friends move along with them as they pass through grade levels and into adulthood. When making your redistricting decisions, please consider the emotional toll it takes on a child to be separated from his or her friends and plan accordingly.

  2. We should utilizing the SNHS pre-school services for the eligible children of Manchester and surrounding areas first. The numbers are always under for enrollment. We should start there first before adding to our public school system.