Thursday, March 31, 2016

Proposed Strategy for a BOSC Sub-Committee on Redistricting

Step 1 - Mission statement for subcommittee

Step 2 -  Set the Educational Goals for Redistricting.
Look at the Superintendent’s stated goals from February 29th Special BOSC meeting - discuss and refine without reference to any specific school or plan.

Step 3 - Develop a Timeline.

Step 4 - Go on a Fact Finding Mission.

Start with as much information as possible - post  ALL of it on the District website.
  1. District will provide;
    1. Recommended building capacities, number of classrooms and current class sizes (teacher names, class codes and other identifying factors removed to protect student privacy) and current total number of students for each building.
    2. Number of portable classrooms at each school and how they’re being used.
    3. Past redistricting studies, proposals and all other information regarding redistricting that is relevant.
    4. Current recommendation from the Superintendent including her stated goals.
    5. Spreadsheet of full BOSC members redistricting suggestions collected before formation of the special committee.
    6. Projections of additional incoming students due to development in the city as provided by the Planning Department.
  2. Each school in the District will;
    1. Fill out a simple, uniform questionnaire (developed by the Special Committee) asking for building information relevant to redistricting.
  3. Committee will;
    1. Have two members of the committee visit every school in the district to meet with building administration and take a tour of the facilities.
    2. Will listen to every member of the public that contacts the Special Committee.
    3. Stay open to all possibilities and not prejudge or predetermine a solution until all of the facts have been gathered.
     3. Community will;
    1. Have access to all of the same information that the Special Committee has.
    2. Have the opportunity to offer any information and/or suggestions they feel are important for the Special Committee to know. (special email address accessible by all subcommittee members?)

Step 5 - Set Specific Goals for Redistricting.

Define specific goals to accomplish the best educational outcomes for students.
  1. Define specific goals.
  2. Prioritize those goals.

Step 6 - Develop a plan(s) for redistricting to accomplish the specific set goals.

Work on plan(s) to present to the community on as many different media platforms as possible.
  1. Provide the educational rationale for the plan(s) in common everyday language.

Step 7 - Listen intently to community feedback and engage in question/answer format forums all around the city.

Each member of the Board of School Committee will be asked to host an open forum at a school of their choosing in their ward. They will;
  1. Work with the Special Committee chair to be given a range of dates in which to hold a meeting.
  2. Request the principal and the parent group of the school to help him/her host the Special Committee and community for a public forum to be held in the evening.
  3. Help facilitate the setup and restoration of the space according to the requested format of the Special Committee.
  4. Work with the school(s) in their ward to inform parents, staff and the community of the date, time, location and purpose of the forum.
  5. Inform the media of the date, time, location and purpose of the forum in a timely manner so that the public is well informed. The Special Committee will provide a recommended list with contact information for the media.
  6. Attend the forum and bring any received feedback from constituents unable to attend.

The Special Committee will host an online forum where the community can also provide feedback and suggestions.

Step 8 - Recommendation to the BOSC of final plan.

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